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Article: Are iPhone 12 edges dangerously sharp?

Are iPhone 12 edges dangerously sharp?

Whenever Apple launches a new iPhone, there are users who complain about little issues that creep up with the use of the phone. The infamous bend-gate is where it all started and Apple has never been immune to criticisms ever since.

Apple went back to boxy or flat-sided design that people loved during its iPhone 4 and 5 time. Reviewers who received the phone have praised the design and say that it makes the iPhone easy to hold and use.

However, this boxy design has made the new iPhone 12’s edges sharper, leading to discomfort when users hold the phone for a long period of time. Given how much time people are now spending on their phone, this flaw could be massive.

Only time will tell how Apple tackles this issue but in the meantime, it’s a good option to put on a case that will eradicate this issue.

We at Fonally are adding new cases everyday that compliments the contours of the new iPhone. But since all our cases are made with silicone or high quality TPU and IMD material, the edges are smoother than that of the phone. No discomfort can be experienced even when used for a long period of time.

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