AirTags Leather and Silicone Case

$ 19.99

New AirTags cases are here! Protect your AirTags with these high quality yet inexpensive cases. Choice of different styles, materials and colors.

  • Choose from Leather, Silicone or Silicone with ring/carabiner
  • Immaculate stitching, made with highest quality material
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Ships from our US warehouse, delivers in 5 - 7 days. 

AirTag is Apple's newest addition to its ever growing collection of highly useful products. It is a tracking tag that can be attached to your valuables or slipped into bags or purses.  The Airtag is durable and uses a battery that sources claim may last a year. It connects with your iPhone that guides you towards the Airtag attached item. Airtag can beep loudly, to reveal its position, or your iPhone screen can guide you with directions and take you to the precise location of the Airtag. If you have ever lost something valuable before, Airtags are a complete boon, and a tool that will prevent it from happening again. 

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